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"We Don't Just

Clean Messes, We Change Atmospheres!"


Our Cleaning Services

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Multi-Essentials Deep Cleaning


Includes oven, stove top, microwave, refrigerator/freezer/behind refrigerator, dishes being cleaned in the kitchen and put away. As well as all floors and carpet being swept/vacuumed/mopped.

Dining Room:

Includes dusting of all blinds & ceiling fans, cleaning of all windows and frames & baseboards will be included.

Living Room:

Includes polish or disinfect all furniture and vacuum rugs.


Includes disinfect and makeup all beds, wipe down dressers and mirrors.



Includes cleaning of bath tub & tub walls, toilet & surrounding areas, sinks for the bathrooms. 

Essential Basic Cleaning


Includes dishes, counter tops, sink area Microwave cleaned and refrigerator wiped down. Floors swept/vacuumed & mopped.

Dining Room:

Includes cleaning & organizing table area, sweep/vacuum & mop floor.

Living Room:

Includes disinfect & polish all furniture, straighten up area, sweep/vacuum and/or mop floor.


Includes disinfect & makeup beds, wipe down mirrors, picture frames & dressers. Put up clothes & shoes in designated area and sweep/vacuum and/or mop floors.


Includes cleaning of bathtub & tub walls, toilet & surrounding tub area, wipe down counter top, sink & mirrors. Sweep/vacuum & mop floors.


Move-Out Cleaning

This thorough cleaning is sure to give you a sense of relief whether moving out of a place or moving in! It includes sanitizing of all surfaces, windows, window seals, blinds, baseboards, door frames, drawers, closets, pantry's, ceiling fans, sinks, tubs and surrounding areas, toilet and surrounding areas, light fixtures, mirrors wiped down, and floors swept/vacuumed and mopped. (Carpet shampoo NOT available at this time.)

COVID Cleaning

This clean will ensure your space is COVID-Clear! A Pre-Clean is included with this service. The Botanical Disinfectant we use is free of bleach and other harsh chemicals, and requires no special precaution or equipment to use. It kills 99.9% of viruses in one minute, bacteria in two minutes, fungi and molds in three minutes, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis in three minutes.

*Initial Consultations are needed for all new clients*